My Favorite Moments during the October 2020 Jamstack Conference

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One of my goals for this year was to attend more tech conferences. Originally in the past, I wasn’t able to attend tech conferences physically due to my work and family responsibilities. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech conferences that were scheduled for this year were shifted virtually. The first one I’ve attended this past year was for the Codeland Conference event. Since I’m interested in working with Jamstack, I was happy when I discovered there would be a free virtual conference dedicated to Jamstack for the month of October. I ended up paying $40 since I wanted the swag from the event. The more tech shirts, the merrier!


Without further ado, here are my favorite moments during the Jamstack Conference.

State of the Jamstack Oct 2020 Keynote, Matt Biilmann of Netlify

The conference kicked off to a great start with Matt Biilmann’s presentation on the state of Jamstack. The CEO and Co-Founder of Netlify discuss new features, along with notable projects that utilize Jamstack (such as the COVID-19 tracker). He emphasizes that with Jamstack, it’s capable of delivering web applications that are fast, secure, and providing robust software development.

Your Tests Lack Vision: Adding Eyes to your Automation Framework

I recently started learning automation testing as my goal is to become a QA Engineer and the presentation was great timing. I enjoyed Angie Jones's talk about the importance of visual automation and pointing out the inattentional blindness that happens when running our automation scripts. She uses Cypress as a way to test out the visual differences and noting the pros and cons when performing the tests.

Bringing Remote Sensing and Disaster Relief to the Jamstack

Colby Fayock’s presentation provides a detailed insight into utilizing Jamstack to help bring awareness to the climate changes and disasters happening on our planet. He goes into detail on the challenges they faced when developing the tools that are cost-effective with a focus on providing reliability and real-time data when searching for affected areas related to the disasters using inputted data from users.

Let’s Jam about Jamstack!

Did you attend the Jamstack Conference this October? If so, let me know your favorite moments during the event. Feel free to share my article and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for more tech-related content.

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